Ya know I had a pretty good day today but now it’s almost 4am and I started thinking about stuff and people I miss and now I’m kinda moody and sad so I think it’s time for bed good night!


this whole exchange was golden


i lost so many friends in 2013 im laughing


Big Jet Plane - Angus & Julia Stone


this is my only hypothesis

Dang Avatar is pretty fucked up Katara just thought she saw her dead mom in this swamp but it ended up being a tree like damn that’s fucked up how are u gonna think your dead mom is a tree this is some fucked up shit

A customer gave me her number today??? We didn’t even have an entire conversation??? She?? Just??? Left???? Her??? Number????


This song is so lovely and wonderful, kill me now, I can’t. /)___(\

So putting sweety song with vikings dorks to feel better.
Astrid wasn’t ready for that

pretty sure Hiccup is drunk


So uh, the new series of Sailor Moon is coming out next month and I drew this.


Cosmic Cats